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"Making a good impression for any business meeting begins the moment you enter the building lobby until you exit back onto the street"
Dazzling skyline, Lush landscapes and modern lines, Indulgence at every turn. Business Meetings at Amantra-Shilpi are, in a word, glamorous. Vibrant and versatile Experience one of the finest Events and Conferences in Udaipur. It is a preferred destination of all kinds of corporate conferences- Two fully equipped Conference Halls. "Insearch" has a capacity of 150 people and the round table.

Whether you’re planning an executive session or a company-wide conference in one in our state-of-the-art conference rooms – your gathering will be an impeccably executed affair. As an alternative, the resort’s brilliant gardens, discotheque, poolside lush green lawns provide superb venues for unique events. Move the session poolside for networking and cocktails.

Work, play only in Amantra Shilpi can you find such an intoxicating mix of elegant meeting space and sprawling fun. - Amantra.


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